Building New Opportunities

Over the next three years, we have plans to grow to 1,000 units, housing close to 1,500 residents. Once we complete construction, we partner with an agency to provide social supports to residents in the building. Each new development will increase the number of affordable housing units in our city to meet the goals of Calgary’s Updated Community Plan to End Homelessness.

We work with talented home builders, consultants, government and the community through the planning and development of each project.

Community consultation and engagement is important to us before and during the development of each building. We meet with community associations, neighbours and businesses in advance. We review Good Neighbour Communications with communities to ensure strong and open relationships going forward.

If you have concerns or questions about a planned development in your area, please contact us.


HomeSpace is constructing a 45-unit affordable family-oriented development in the Calgary’s Seton community, where rentals will be 20% below market. The site was previously a vacant lot owned by the City of Calgary and awarded in September 2020 to HomeSpace through a competitive non-market land disposition. The development will be …

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