This day celebrates the joint effort between Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF), HomeSpace Society (HomeSpace), the RESOLVE Campaign, donors and homebuilder Calbridge Homes, and service provider Enviros in opening a brand new supportive housing development in Forest Lawn.

The Triveri House features 38 new affordable homes and will provide the warmth, safety and stability of a home for youth who are experiencing homelessness. This marks the ninth newly constructed building designated to CHF and its housing collaborator, HomeSpace, through the RESOLVE Campaign, with additional buildings continuing to open for RESOLVE’s other eight partner agencies.

Housing is essential for health and well-being as Calgary’s frigid winter temperatures continue to drop amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Soon 38 youth will have a warm, safe place to call home at The Triveri House.

This development has been made possible with commitments by the Government of Canada (through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) and the Government of Alberta, as well as support from the City of Calgary through a non-market land disposition. This building is also made possible through the generous commitment of philanthropic donor, Calbridge Homes. CHF’s housing collaborator HomeSpace has developed and will own and operate the property.

The Triveri House is named in memory of Caterina Triveri-Ferraro and Raimondo Ferraro – the parents of Joe Ferraro, Chairman and Founder of Calbridge Homes – and serves as a dedication to his mother’s side of the family. The name is a remembrance of the hardships Joe Ferraro’s family faced after moving to Canada from Italy in the 1950s and the strength they developed through the experience. The name recognizes that communities become stronger when people help one another and that this building will provide the foundation that vulnerable and homeless youth need to support their bright futures.

This building is one of a series of purpose-built apartments developed by Calgary homebuilders who have each committed to constructing a building based on contributions to CHF through the RESOLVE Campaign.



Bev Higham-Linehan, President and CEO, Calbridge Homes
“Calbridge Homes is grateful to be in a position to be able to give back to people in need, particularly at this time in our economy here in Alberta. RESOLVE is the biggest donation we have ever done and it could not be a more worthy cause. We are looking forward to seeing how this building and the RESOLVE campaign continue to combat homelessness in this city.”

Bernadette Majdell, CEO, HomeSpace Society
“HomeSpace Society is proud to partner with Calbridge for this build, which will be our largest new permanent supportive housing development to date. As a non-market property developer and building manager, our strong community partnerships are critical for the work that we do in creating affordable housing for our city and providing homes and dignity to some of Calgary’s most vulnerable residents.”

Hazel Bergen, CEO, Enviros
“Enviros is looking forward to working with the tenants who will call Triveri House home. We have extensive experience working with 18 to 24 year olds who are moving to independence through our Youth Transitioning to Adulthood program, and at our Shunda Creek wilderness addiction treatment program. For these young adults, their basic need for a safe place to sleep and call home has to be met before they can work towards the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being that they need in order to successfully exit homelessness and become independent.”

Patricia Jones, President and CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation
“This collaboration between government, Calgary Homeless Foundation, HomeSpace, Enviros, and the RESOLVE Campaign donor Calbridge Homes, is a demonstration that homelessness can end when we intentionally choose to work together. This building will provide a place of belonging, and a stable foundation upon which all other healing can happen. To the 38 youth who will soon move in to The Triveri House in time for the holidays — welcome home.”

Mady Stone, Youth Advisory Table member, with lived experience of homelessness
“I experienced homelessness on and off from age 16 to 21 and it was the scariest thing in my life. Now I help others who are going through what I did because I don’t want them to have the same story. I’m personally really excited about The Triveri House program for youth experiencing homelessness because it will mean people getting housed faster and having a place to feel stable.”