Calgary, Alberta (October. 22, 2020)– This morning, a virtual opening of The James House will be celebrated with a website and video launch at This celebrates the joint effort between Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF), HomeSpace Society (HomeSpace), the RESOLVE Campaign, donors and homebuilders Logel Homes and Cardel Homes, and service provider McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association of Calgary and Area.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that, now more than ever, housing is essential for health. As Calgary’s winter temperatures begin to drop, this 27-unit building in the Hillhurst/Sunnyside community will provide the safety and stability of a home to Calgarians who are experiencing homelessness. This marks the eighth newly constructed building designated to CHF and its housing collaborator, HomeSpace, through the RESOLVE Campaign.

This development has been made possible through an unprecedented commitment by the Government of Canada (through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) and the Government of Alberta, as well as support from the City of Calgary through a non-market land disposition. This building is also made possible through the generous commitment of philanthropic donors, including Logel Homes and Cardel Homes. HomeSpace has worked in partnership with the home builders to develop The James House and will own and operate the property.

This building is one of a series of purpose-built apartments developed by Calgary homebuilders who have each committed to constructing a building through contributions to CHF through the RESOLVE Campaign.

The name honours the legacy of James Logel, the late father of Tim Logel, President and CEO of Logel Homes, and Co-Founder of Cardel Lifestyles. Tim Logel credits his father for igniting his passion for home building after assisting him in building a barn on an Ontario farm when he was 14. He believes his father would be honoured to have his name on a building that is providing a home to vulnerable Calgarians.

McMan’s innovative, on-site resident programming at The James House will focus on the recovery of the individual, connecting them to natural supports such as family and friends, and integrating them into the community within a targeted stay of ten months. Low to moderate complexity residents will work with a diversion advocate to secure financial supports, liaise with landlords, and find appropriate accommodation.

This broad spectrum of services will allow Calgarians to move from homelessness into a home with 24/7 supports that focus on their health, financial stability, and community connections – helping individuals move towards independent living and a better quality of life.

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Bernadette Majdell, CEO, HomeSpace Society
“HomeSpace is proud to partner with Logel Homes and Cardel Homes through the RESOLVE Campaign and Calgary Homeless Foundation on our eighth new permanent supportive housing development. As a non-market developer and building manager, our strong community partnerships are critical for the work we do in continually adding new affordable housing in our city and providing homes, safety and dignity to some of Calgary’s most vulnerable residents.”

Jeffrey Yellowfly, a natural support to a current McMan Calgary & Area housing client
“When I moved to Calgary, one of my main goals was to attain a place for myself. Having permanent living quarters gave me better opportunities to assess all my other needs to maintain a proper lifestyle. For me, housing is the most integral part of having a healthy living environment.”

Patricia Jones, President and CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation
“This collaboration between government, Calgary Homeless Foundation, HomeSpace, McMan, Youth, Family and Community Association, and
the RESOLVE Campaign donors Logel Homes and Cardel Homes, is a demonstration that homelessness can end when we intentionally choose to
work together. This building will provide a place of belonging, and a stable foundation upon which all other healing can happen. To the future
residents of The James House — welcome home.”

Soraya Saliba, Executive Director, McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association of Calgary & Area
“McMan Calgary & Area is honored to serve residents of the James House and to collaborate with Calgary Homeless Foundation and
HomeSpace. Much like the commitment and coordination it took to create this space, we believe it takes a team to successfully transition
individuals out of homelessness. Our innovative service model leverages friends, family, community and professional supports to holistically
address each resident’s unique needs and help them attain their goals. The relationships, connections and skills residents will build at the
James House are critical to their lifelong well-being and success.”

Tim Logel, President and CEO of Logel Homes, and Co-Founder of Cardel Lifestyles.
“The Logel Homes and Cardel Lifestyles team is honored to have the opportunity to build a new building for people experiencing homelessness
in Calgary. As homebuilders, we see every day the importance for everyone to have place they can call home, for both safety and stability, and
improved sense of community. When I first moved to Calgary in 1978, looking for my first job, and with little money, I struggled to find a place
to live. For a short time, I was in my tent in a KOA camp, and will not forget the feeling of not having a home. With the James House now built,
we are excited with the knowledge that in a few weeks, people experiencing homelessness, will be moving into a new home.”

About Calgary Homeless Foundation
Calgary Homeless Foundation serves as the centralized planner for 22 homeless-serving agencies in Calgary. As an accountable
steward of government and private funding, we find innovative and evidence-based solutions for Albertans at risk of
or experiencing homelessness. Through system coordination, research and data, accountability and responsible funding
allocation, we address gaps and define best practices, and have housed over 10,000 people in Calgary since 2008. Our
collaborative model involves partnerships with all orders of government, public systems, homeless-serving agencies, the private
sector, faith-based communities, foundations, and Calgarians. Grounded in fiscal responsibility, our solution-focused, one-of-akind
approach ensures that Calgary’s resources are allocated in a cost-effective manner to provide a full spectrum of services,
solutions, and permanent housing for all Calgarians. For more information, visit

About HomeSpace Society
HomeSpace is a charitable real estate developer, rental housing owner and property manager. We provide supportive and
affordable housing for the most vulnerable Calgarians and own a portfolio of more than 550 units throughout Calgary. We
partner with several social-service agencies to provide supports to the more than 700 residents in our buildings. We have
completed construction on seven buildings in the last five years and currently have five more in various stages of development.
We are committed to continue to create more affordable housing to address the urgent need in our city. For more information,

About Cardel Lifestyles and Logel Homes
Cardel Lifestyles and Logel Homes are the leaders in the sale and construction of Multi Family Developments in Calgary, having completed 3500 condos and town homes, in 18 projects. The companies are the recipient of being the six – time winner of Best Customer Experience, five – time recipient of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Alberta’s Multi Family Builder of the Year, and are multiple winners of Sam Build Awards. The company currently has projects in Auburn Bay, Cranston, Seton, Walden, Sage Hill and Nolan Hill.

About McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association of Calgary & Area
McMan Calgary & Area is a responsive and innovative organization making a difference in the lives of over 2,600 vulnerable children, youth and families annually. We support children, youth and families with complex needs that can include mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, poverty and disability by providing them with the services and supports they need to thrive. As a fundamental practice across all McMan services, we work with individuals to help them maintain and grow relationships that can extend beyond our professional support – life-long connections that can help people sustain, and build on, their strengths and new skills. For more information about McMan Calgary & Area, visit

About the RESOLVE Campaign
RESOLVE was a first-of-its-kind collaboration of nine Partner agencies, working together with a common goal — to create affordable rental housing with support services for up to 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians. The nine respected and established agencies partnered with government, business and community leaders, all resolving to make Calgary a better home – for everyone. At the conclusion of the Campaign’s active fundraising period on March 31, 2018, enough capital was raised to provide 1,850 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians with a key to an affordable rental home with the supports they need to thrive. While the Campaign itself has sunset, the Partners will continue to open doors to additional urgently needed affordable homes in our city. The tangible difference the Campaign has made in our city will be seen for years to come, as more buildings are constructed and Calgarians move from a place of homelessness and instability to the safety and security of a home. The RESOLVE Partners are: Accessible Housing; Forward Housing (formerly Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association); Calgary Alpha House Society; Calgary Homeless Foundation; Calgary John Howard Society; Horizon Housing Society; Silvera for Seniors; The Mustard Seed; and Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta.