There is no more direct and powerful influence in an election cycle than casting a vote, and encouraging others to do so. Imagine the full force of the more than 26,000 nonprofits in Alberta joining together to get out the vote. CCVO has launched the nonpartisan #nonprofitsvote campaign to encourage nonprofits to not only vote and encourage others to do so as well – but to also talk about the issues that matter to nonprofits and get informed on the parties’ positions on important issues.


Do you know what the political parties’ positions on key issues are? Get informed so you can vote with confidence.

  • Explore the Vote Compass, which shows you how your views align with those of the candidates running in the election.
  • Check out the political parties’ websites on this list.


Prepare the when, how and where of your personal vote plan. For more information on taking time off work to vote, voting by special ballot, mobile polls, and other voting accommodations, please click here.

  • What is my riding? Enter your address here and find out where you’re designated to vote.
  • Who are the candidates in my riding? Click here for the most up to date list of party candidates who are running or seeking to run in the next provincial election.
  • When do I vote? Election Day is Tuesday, April 16th, 2019. Advance Poll Days are April 9th, April 10th, April 11th, April 12th, and April 13th.
  • How do I vote? Click here to find out who is eligible to vote and what ID is required.
  • Where do I vote? Watch for your personalized “Where to Vote” card in the mail. If you do not receive one, once the Election period has begun, visit the Elections Alberta homepage or call centre at 1-877-422-8683 (toll free) to find out.