We are lucky to work with 22 engaged and talented people who are passionate about our vision, mission and culture:

HomeSpacers featured in video in order of appearance:

  • Bernadette Majdell, CEO
  • Sherry Erickson, Manager, Tenant Relations
  • Hayley Gislason, Communications Advisor
  • Karen Chen (CPA, CMA), Director, Finance
  • Beth Cooper, Accounting Technician
  • Rina McDermott, Housing Liaison
  • Jacqueline Van den Broek, Director, Property Management
  • Leslie Lewis, Housing Liaison (not featured)
  • Krista Meades, Housing Liaison
  • Stephanie Schoenberg, Housing Liaison
  • Wendy Cundall, Project Coordinator
  • Raymond Aragon, Maintenance Technician
  • Jeff Oram, Maintenance Technician
  • Tyler Wiens, Manager, Building Operations
  • Jeffrey Livermore, Maintenance Technician
  • Tony Tataryn, Maintenance Technician
  • Jeff Oesch, Maintenance Technician
  • Marvin Aranez, Project Manager
  • Matt Vermunt, Director, Acquisitions and Developments
  • Kayla Ford, Building Administrator
  • Yuming Li (CPA), Financial Accountant
  • Pusparaj Parajuli (Raj), Maintenance Technician
  • Maternity leave: Vania Lee (CPA, CA), Financial Accountant (not featured)

Stomps and Claps” by scottholmesmusic.com is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0