Overall Resident Satisfaction: 77%

  • Relationship with Staff and Contractors: 81%
  • Quality of Housing: 81%
  • Housing Experience: 75%

Average Length of Tenancy: 814 days

  • Longest Tenancy: 36 years and counting (before HomeSpace acquired the building!)

The 2020 Resident Survey results reflect HomeSpace staff and partners’ continuous commitment to quality housing and service while indicating challenges created by the pandemic restrictions. Our residents sited what we can all relate to – gratitude for home, but a love and longing for community gatherings and activities.

Residents express gratitude after finding a supportive home that they are able to work on goals for the future, including gaining more education and skills, finding employment, and improving their finances. They also note improvements in their self-esteem, safety, relationships, physical and mental health, and overall quality of life.