We thank our dedicated volunteer Board members for their leadership, insights and governance that aided HomeSpace through a year of tribulations and triumphs. HomeSpace looks forward to all that we will accomplish together in 2021-22.

Our Board of Directors:

George Coppus (Vice-Chair); Iain McCorkindale; Donna Moore (Secretary); Trevor Daroux; Tom Hong; Kevin Screpnechuk; David McIlveen (Chair); Darcy Verhun; Tim Gillespie; Dale Brown (Treasurer); Maggie Rabinovitz; Bernadette Majdell (CEO)

Our Committees:

Governance and Human Resources Committee: Donna Moore (Chair); Maggie Rabinovitz; George Coppus

Audit and Risk Management Committee: Dale Brown (Chair); Michael Hoffman; Kevin Screpnechuk; Darcy Verhun; Gord McFarlane