Our CEO, Bernadette Majdell, recently participated in Fast Pitch 2018, a two month coaching program facilitated by Social Venture Partners Calgary to help non-profit industry participants refine their story to a compelling three minute pitch.

The program culminated with two “Dragon’s Den-style” events, with Victoria Plouffe of Beads of Courage as the 2018 winner. Other participants included Wendy Treschel of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, Katelyn Lucas of Elizabeth Fry Society and Sarah Price of Silvera for Seniors. Attendees and sponsors donated thousands of dollars to the finalist organizations.

“The program was a great learning experience and opportunity for HomeSpace to increase our visibility in a big way,” says Bernadette. “It definitely helped me up my game when it comes to story telling and public speaking.”

For HomeSpace, a big piece of our story is what makes our organization so unique. We are different than other affordable housing organizations in with city because we provide housing for Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s important for so many social and economic reasons. Click below for our fearless leader’s pitch and to learn more about our work.