With only weeks left in the year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our partners, stakeholders, residents and staff a safe an happy holiday season.

2017 has been an extremely busy year for all of us here at HomeSpace and as I look back on the past 12 months, there is so much that we can be proud of!

In April we were honoured to open our 4th new development through the RESOLVE Campaign, built in partnership with NUOVO by Shane Homes – The Prelude in Radisson Heights. We have partnered with The Alex on this 23 unit permanent supportive housing building and these apartments have been providing safe, appropriate, affordable housing for our residents for the past 8 months.

We received an approved development permit for a 26-unit permanent supportive housing development in Renfrew – and broke ground on this development in November! Through the RESOLVE Campaign and our home builder partner Avi Urban, this building will eventually provide safe housing to 26 individuals when completed in Fall 2018.

And just this month we opened our 5th new development – Murray’s House in South Calgary – just in time for the holidays! Through the generous support of David and Leslie Bissett, throguh the RESOLVE Campaign, this new apartment building in the community of South Calgary will provide safe housing to 23 individuals who will be supported by The SHARP Foundation. This partnership with The SHARP Foundation brings our total number of partnered agencies to 16 social service agencies providing supports to our 650+ residents who call HomeSpace home.

Throughout all of this new construction and growth, we continued to provide our in-house property management expertise to our 650+ residents and added 3 new members to our Property Operations team to keep up with our portfolio growth.

We could not have accomplished all that we have this year without the support of our agency partners, our community stakeholders and our generous donors. Our partners help us provide safe, secure homes to our residents and we couldn’t accomplish what we have without these partners actively participating to ensure that our city’s most vulnerable individuals are taken care of. HomeSpace provides housing to individuals and families that are in need, but through our partnerships and working alongside our supporters, we are able to make these homes.

It has been a very exciting year of growth and development for us here at HomeSpace, and we are looking forward to the opportunities that 2018 will bring our organization as we continue to work towards our mission of A Home for Everyone in Our Community.

Many happy wishes to everyone this holiday season.

Bernadette Majdell, CEO